Registration & Enrollment

BEFORE a student can be registered and enrolled in classes at Windsor School, the following requirements must be met:

1) Proof of Residency:  A Verification of Residency of Pupils form must be completed by the legal parent/guardian and be submitted in person to the Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union (WSESU) for approval (located at 105 Main St, Suite 200, Windsor, VT).  Confirmation of residency MUST be made by WSESU prior to a student being registered at Windsor School. (Please click HERE for a copy of the Verification of Residency of Pupils form)

2) Only legal guardian(s) are permitted to register students.  A copy of current legal custody paperwork specifying educational rights and responsibilities will be required if student is not living with both parents BEFORE a student can be enrolled in classes.

3) A Student Record Release Form must be completed and signed by a legal parent/guardian.  In addition, you may be required to fill out a Student Information Request and Communication Release Form if needed. (Please click HERE for a copy of the Student Record Release Form)

4) A Student Information Sheet must be completed by the student’s legal parent/guardian.  (Please click HERE for a copy of the Student Information Sheet)

5) A Copy of ANY Special Education Document or Behavioral Plan (i.e. Individual Education Plan/IEP, 504, Individual Behavioral Plan) that is current for the student (if applicable) is required prior to enrollment.

6) Verbal communication between the student’s former School/Guidance Counselor and the appropriate School Counselor at Windsor School.  (The School Counselor at Windsor School will initiate the contact.)

7) An up-to-date copy of student’s Immunization Record.

8) A copy of the student’s Birth Certificate.

9) The following is for "tuition" students registering in grades 9 – 12 whose residence is outside the town of Windsor.  The student must be a STUDENT IN GOOD STANDING per Windsor School Board Policy.  Good standing is demonstrated when the applicant shows that:
·      He/she has not been legally dismissed or suspended for more than three (3) days during the preceding twelve months for disciplinary issues;
·      He/she is making satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a high school diploma;
·      His/her school attendance record presents a reasonable likelihood that any existing attendance requirements of Windsor School will be met;
·      His/her school record shows no patterns of behavior that would present a safety concern for the Windsor School community (i.e. violence, drugs/alcohol, etc).

Please call 802-674-8304 to speak with the Registrar prior to coming to the school to register your student.  

When you come to register your student, please bring a copy of:  Birth Certificate, Immunizations and LEGAL custodial paperwork (per # 2 above). Current high school students (grades 9-12) should also have a copy of their current transcript and schedule with them when they register.

Additional Forms that will be required at time of registration for all students: